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Images and workflow – Life after Aperture

    Managing images and workflow One of the most tiresome aspects of running an all-Apple studio is the inevitable fall-out from the seemingly endless operating system upgrades. It’s probably just as bad for PC users, but we wouldn’t really know as we haven’t had one in this studio for a long time. We’ve been

Drone operators – CAA approved

Licensed drone operators are still in short supply, and as you may be aware, in the UK, at least, you can’t sell images or footage from a drone unless you have a ‘permission’ from the Civil Aviation Authority. Fortunately, we do have all the necessary qualifications and, in association with beda:photo, will be continuing to

Adobe continues push to get inside your head

It’s old news now that Adobe have paid out $800 million for micro stock giant Fotolia, which now puts Adobe into direct competition with  Shutterstock, Getty Images’ iStockphoto, and Alamy, but the real prize is probably greater control of both ends of the creative photography and design industry, the tools and the raw material. Regular buyers and

New Commissions

Contributors Commissions have been increased as Silver and Gold status is achieved, so the more you sell, the more you earn and the more profit you make. The price to customers of A4StockPhotos images has actually been reduced. This is possible because we have reduced the percentage the site takes from each sale, which is

New look A4StockPhotos

New look, new format, new skills As some of you may already be aware, A4StockPhotos has been re-designed and re-launched with a completely new format. It’s been a lot of work, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused at the beginning of the year, but we are fully back up and running now. We will for great value royalty free images