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Stock Photos and Covid 19 – the future?

“Strange times eh?” How often have you heard that phrase over the past few months? Too often I suspect. For the stock photos industry ‘disastrous times’ might be a better description. Certainly stock photos and Covid 19 do not go together. There is no doubt that the industry has received a major kick in the groin as

Can customers find your stock photos online?

Can customers find your stock photos online? It seems an obvious question, but at A4StockPhotos we still receive submissions which have no useful metadata attached, and in this context ‘useful’ means the keywords which will help potential customers find your photo. If the shots are good we will still take them, but it has to be

Stock photos of meerkats & other animals

  Simple stock photos: This shot was taken with a 100-400mm lens at 250mm. The lens was easily capable of getting the subject larger in the frame, but this seemed the better composition. The camera was set to ISO 320 with a shutter speed of 1/250th. Stock photos like this will sell.   Taking effective animal photos for great value royalty free images