Frequently Asked Questions....

How do I set up a contributor account on A4StockPhotos?

To set up a contributor account, just register on the site and click on the 'my profile' link to go to your account area. In the first instance you will need to upload 10 sample images for assessment. If they are the kind of subject matter that we think will sell and if they are up to the necessary standard, you will be approved as a contributor.

Do I need to do anything in particular to my images to get them approved?

You will need to ensure that all images uploaded have all title, copyright and metatag information contained in the EXIF data  (file > info in Photoshop) before uploading. Files lacking this information cannot be found by search engines or customers except via the 'categories' index, so it is in your interests to ensure that all files are properly tagged.

Image quality must be of the highest possible as we sell high resolution images for printing and display purposes. It is unlikely that photos taken on mobile phones or tablets will be accepted, and all images must be a minimum of 15mb when opened. JPEGs only please, saved at settings 8 – 10. Below 8, compression artefacts will become visible and above 10/11 no one will notice the difference!


What kind of images will sell best?

It's never easy to predict what stock photos will sell best, but generally speaking images containing people, business, industry and industrial processes are most popular. Obviously topical images will usually sell, but this requires you to be quick off the mark (except for seasonal holidays, Christmas etc.). However, there is always a market for good landscape and still life images if they are striking enough and well executed. The best thing is to try it and see!

How long do I have to download a purchased image?

The download permissions on any purchased image will expire after 15 days of purchase. Obviously this will not affect credits or subscriptions, but bear in mind that if you download the same image after 15 days you will be charged for another download.




What if I don't want to take out a subscription?

No Problem. You can buy one image at a time or buy a pack of credits if you think you will need more. Unlike many stock photo sites we won't try and trick you into taking out a 'free' trial subscription or force you into paying to download large numbers of images you will never use with expensive subscriptions just to get a few images at a reasonable price.

Subscriptions are usually best for customers who regularly use large numbers of stock images on a weekly or monthly basis. If you don't have the need for such quantities you will normally find our pay-as-you-go approach far better value.

Buying images from A4StockPhotos is quick, easy and totally secure. If you have any questions, just ask.