Seller Information

Welcome to A4StockPhotos.

We look forward to having a successful relationship and selling large amounts of your work! In order to help us maximise your sales (and minimise rejections), here are a few things we have learnt from experience:


1. Photos of people at work sell more than anything else, particularly slightly unusual areas like forestry, heavy industry and security, which are not over-subscribed in the stock photo business.

2. All images of recognisable people must be uploaded with model release forms, as they are unsaleable without the model's specific permission. If the model(s) cannot be recognised it's OK.

3. Try and provide as much information as possible about your subject. Simply naming something as 'flower' isn't going to get much search traffic. Much better to be specific and accurate, Narcissus or Geranium, for instance. Even better if you can look up the latin name and include it, as this is what the target audience will probably be used to and looking for. This is true of most subjects, remember, your image will be competing with thousands or millions of others, so it's up to you to give it a fighting chance of getting seen.

4. If you have any technical questions, check out the blog or talk to us. We're always keen to talk photos.


Good Luck!

 The Support Team